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Odd Kristensen
Sertifisert N L P Trainer

Welcome, I hope I will be able to show you a little about who I am and what I am about.

My name is Odd Kristensen, born in Tromsø, way up north. As a 2 year old I moved to Hammerfest, even closer to the North Pole than Tromsø. In Hammerfest I lived until I was 23. Then I moved down to Oslo, the capital of Norway. Ohhhh, I live in Norway :Þ

On this website I want to show myself as an artist, because that's a big part of my life. With this I am taking the big step to sell my art and to make a little money on it. And hopefully, someone will like my art.

In first grade I was given a pencil and paper, my career as and artist was started. I have continued to draw with my pencil for 27 years, and I am not too bad. At least that's what I think. People are telling me I am good so I guess there's something to it. Personally I believe that as long as I can see that I can improve I am not good enough, but I have practised more than most people, so that should at least make me good.

At the age of 14, I got my first computer (TI 99/4A), and for the first time in my life I got interested in learning English. Until that point I was totally NOT interested in the subject. I could not see any use for it. But along with the computer, the use became quite clear. I went to school with the intension to do computing and work with pictures. Back in the computer "Stone Age", drawing on the computer was no easy thing to do, so I got tired of doing everything the hard way. I left the art and the computer, figured it did not work well together. 5 years ago I started to combine my artwork and the computer in a way I found satisfying.

6 years ago I got a digital camera and I usually take it with me wherever I go. Taking pictures of this and that. I got myself a scanner to get my art into my computer. Some of the pictures are originals and some are artistically manipulated. A totally new world has come to life.

With this site I intend to make it as an artist. A lot of people keep telling me I am good, so why not give it my best shot. At least then I can say; I did it. The old people say "my regrets in life, is all the things I did NOT do”. With that in mind I will always try to do as much as possible and explore all the things I want out of life. To show my art is a new thing for me, and I hope it will be of pleasure and enjoyment to people like you, who visit this site.

I will keep adding to this page, to show who I am. Personally I believe in honesty. What I have learned so far is that I STILL have a lot to go on; it’s hard to be honest. Although: if it does not kill you it will make you stronger.

I wish you all the best and hopefully, someday, I might meet you or talk to you. Have a great time here at my place.

Feel free to send me a mail about whatever at...

With love
Odd Kristensen



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