Hi to you, i hope i will be able to show you a little about who i am and what i am about.

My name is Odd Kristensen, born in Tromsų, way way up norhte. There i was Born and then as a 2 year old i moved to Hammerfest, even closer to the norhte pole. In this place i lived until i was 23. Then i moved down to Oslo, the capital of Norway. Ohhhh, i live in Norway :Ž

On this web i am about to show myself as an artist, becose thats a big part of my life. With this i am taking the step out the sell my art and to make a little money on it. Maybe if i am lucky one or two will like my art.

In first grade i was given a pencil and paper, my career as and artist was started. I have continued to draw with my pencile for 27 years, i am so so good. But thats in my eyes, people tell me i am good so i gess there must be something to it. Personaly i think that as long as i can see that i can improve i am not "good", i have trained more then most people, so i gess that must make me good.

I got my first computer TI 99/4A as a 14 year old boy, and for the first time in my life i was intrested in learning english. Upuntil that point i was totaly NOT intrested in learning it. I could not see any use for it. With the computer came the use of english. I when to schoole with it in mind to do computing and work with pictures. But back in stone age when it was hard to make drawnings i got tierd of doing everything the hard way. So i left the art and the computer, did not work toghter, then 5 years ago i started to be able to marry my art and computer toghter.

3 years ago i got a digital camera that i have been a good user of. Taking pic of all and nothing. Got a scanner and could scan my art into my computer. Some is scanned and showed as it is. Some i scan and then work and colour it and make it as i want in on the computer a totaly new world has come alive for me.

I have with this page desided to make it as a artist, becose so many people keep telling me i am good, so then why not try. Then i can at least say i did it. The old people say "what i regret in life is all i did NOT do". With that in mind i will always try to do as much as possible and explore what i want out of life. This is a new thing for me to show my art, i hope it will be of plesure and enjoyment for people that comes in here.

I will keep adding to this page, try to show myself. Personaly i belive in hounesty and with that i want to show how i am. What i have learned today is that i SILL have alot to go, its hard to be hounest. But the good point is that with that it makes me stronger, if it dos not kill you it will make you stronger.

I wish you all the best and i hope that i might meet you or talk to you one day. I hope what you will have a great time here at my place.

Feel free to send me a mail about whatever at

With love
Odd Kristensen