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Here you will find links to my other web pages. From other web-sights with my pictures to web-sights about me or what i have done. I also include all cool links i might find. Today there are less then there are tomorrow, so if you like, pop by now and then to see new links ;-) Have fun...

So fare this is where i put up all my pictures. This is my main art gallery when it comes to photos, for now! Photosight
This is a Norwagian web page about photo - Been there one time, I like it. Very good, here you can learn stuff. Fotografi.no.
I also teach and train Judo, this is a start on something i probbebly never will finish. But but, good training to make web pages. My Judo page
Paint Shop Pro, I love it. Its not the best, but its still all i need and its still better then i am. Here you can test it! Paint Shop Pro
My old camera. Canon 300D, my DSLR that i see the world with. I am selling my art so also thats also why I have this page. Canon EOS 300D
I have learned about Tarot and i do some reading now and then, mostly for myself. Here you can learn! Learn Tarot
TOTO - This music i love, ever since i heard it back in 1986. TOTO
Wabcams of the world - USA - NYC Timessquare. Timessquare
Oslo - Youngstorget. Broken and looking for a new web cam in Oslo...  
NLP - This I have been and will be teaching in the future, I think that i will be good at it. Always modest, thats me! My NLP page




Paint shop pro  




Mentalt Psykologi