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Nickname: Oddemann :)
Real Name: Odd Kristensen
Age: 33
Country: Norway, Oslo
Job: Help people feel good about themself
Dream: A girlfriend and to help more people
Color: Purple
Food: Mongolian
Animal: Dog
Nickname: Peanut
Real Name: Jeannie
Age: 46
Country: Campbellsport Wisconsin USA
Job: Candy vending business, chiropractic tech
Dream: Helping spiritually people in need
Color: White
Food: Pizza
Animal: All animals
E-mail: jeannie_t2000@powercom.net
Nickname: Crash
Real Name: Chrystal
Age: 38
Country: Indiana USA
Job: Lifeguarding for now
Dream: Find a lover who won't drive me crazy
Color: Pink
Food: Chicken
Animal: Lion
Five words about me: Shy, confident, flirty, a tease, patient
E-mail: Private
Nickname: Jerry
Real Name: Frank Rune Olsen
Age: 39
Country: Norway
Job: Running business with Odd
Dream: Help the world ascend
Color: White
Food: Fruit
Animal: All animals
Five words about me: Light, healing, sensitive, ascending, journey
E-mail: fro@privat.cc
Nickname: divine_lioness2000
Real Name: Brigitte
Age: 42
Country: Germany
Job: "Bloody Teacher"
Dream: Make a documentary film about Scandinavia
Color: Blue
Food: Lots of veggies
Animal: Cats лл  
Five words about me: Open-minded, friendly, curious to learn about the world
E-mail: Private
Nickname: Pagallo64
Real Name: Patricia
Age: 36
Country: Texas, USA
Job: Educator/teacher
Dream: Own my own dance academy
Color: Blue
Food: Mexican
Animal: Wolf
Five words about me: Loyal, sincere, loving, cautious, curious
E-mail: pagallo64@yahoo.com
Nickname: Vampiress
Real Name: Christy
Age: 28
Country: USA
Job: College student
Dream: To become a Child advocacy lawyer and meet Peter Steele
Color: Green
Food: Chinese
Animal: Wolf
Five words about me: Unique, mystical, humorous, eccentric, romantic
E-mail: Private
Nickname: Birute Aakvaag
Real Name: Birute Aakvaag
Age: 56
Country: Norway
Job: Housewife
Dream: Travel to Peru
Color: Blue
Food: Fruit
Animal: Dogs
Five words about me: Faithful, loyal, humor, self-irony, temperamentious
E-mail: bota@sensewave.com
Nickname: Magritte
Real Name: Magritte
Age: 25
Country: NYC, USA
Job: simultaneous+translator
Dream: One should create their own paradigm
Color: Green
Food: Continental
Animal: Swan
Five words about me: Scholarly, Unconventional, Philosophical, Irreverent, Sagacious
E-mail: secret ;-)

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